Monday, November 29, 2010

Galaxy Series (Before and Afters)

So this is my first before after post. With this galaxy series I wanted it to be so earthly that it was unearthly. I wanted weird things to happen with these photos, and I think I accomplished just that. I'l explain the treatment to each of these photos/where and how I took them.

This image is one that I have just worked on re-editing in class. the tub of which I'm laying on was erased out and replaced by a photo of my room without me, I had to burn that area of the floor with the burn tool so the shadows would match. then I used the pen tool and cut around my fingers and the window and then pasted a picture of a galaxy into the selection. Then I changed the opacity of that selection to 72% and put the selection on "hard light". Then I inversed the selection and uped the shadows and lowered the saturation.

This is today's image. Fairly simple, I just cropped it in tight, and used the pen tool to make a selection of my coat. Then I pasted a galaxy photo into the selection and changed the opacity and played around with the filters. Then I added a rainbow gradient over the entire image and played with the opacity. Lastly I fooled around with curves a bit.

alright, so this was achieved by simple curves/levels and but selecting the umbrella and pasting a galaxy into it and playing with opacity. also to get the colors just right I color balanced it by adding more orange/yellow tones.

alright for this i first cloned out the light source. then i selected my shadow with the magic wand tool, then i placed a galaxy in my silhouette, then i inversed the selection and desaturated the rest of the image, and then for the little UFO i pasted a little picture of a UFO and made a drop shadow of it and just deleted the original image and kept only the drop shadow.

i uped saturation, selected my hair and pasted a galaxy, and played around with color balance! thats it!


So I've decided to make a blog dedicated to my outtakes so you all can see how I edit my photos/outtakes from photoshoots/rejects! I want to give a little more insight to how I do photo shoots so I will probably be posting a lot of before and afters!
I hope you enjoy!