Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Goodbye Sunshine

I've been pretty uninspired lately, and I'm practically done my galaxy series, so my mind has been dry of ideas lately, so I decided to look back at who originally inspired me most, Lissy Elle. I saw this picture of a silhouette under her dress, and I just thought that was brilliant, so I was inspired to take one! I've been really excited for winter to start, and today is December 1st, so I thought I would do a farewell photo to summer and the "alive" seasons.

here is a before and after of my photo today. I decided to cut myself out of the picture and put it into a "less busy" room, so I used a stock photo from google and made it darker and blurry and added a bit of grain with it to match the grain of my body. I put a drop shadow of my body in the background so that it looked more realistic and then added a drop shadow of the dandelion to my dress. fairly simple. Oh and to get the light under my dress I practically squatted over a really bright lamp and I had a fan behind me blowing out my dress.

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