Saturday, January 29, 2011

sooc outtakes

its a new year, a new start, new friends, a new 365.

i decided to post outtakes that are sooc because "some people" think that my photos are too edited.


  1. yes, your photos are wonderful without editing,
    but it's the editing that adds more to them and makes them simply fantastic! if i knew how to edit it like you, i would do something so nifty everyday!
    keep it up nikki. :]

  2. your pictures are wonderful both ways!
    your edits are so magical, please don't give them up :]

  3. you are really becoming a better photographer. these shots are so lovely!! i look forward to seeing where you go in the future. oh, and i dont think you edit your photos too much. but i think you know i have nothing against editing. ;) i do sometimes love photos that are more real though, and these are definitely beautiful.

  4. You really don't seem to edit all that much. At least it doesnt look it and the second to last one especially looks amazing to be sooc!